One More with the Steelers, and a Farewell to Heckert and Shurmur

Sadly, today will mark the last game day post of the 2012 season. The Browns head into the finale in Pittsburgh bruised, battered, and knowing that the entire front office and coaching staff is about to be blown up yet again. Still, we don’t focus on negativity here, so I am going to stay optimistic […]

Thoughts on Everyone: Today is Swisher Sweet

Didn’t take long for somebody to use that phrase (I may not even be the first person today to say it), but it seemed right for the headline. There’s a couple of quick hits I wanted to share this afternoon before we settle in for some Browns football at Mile High. As everyone hopefully knows, […]

Thoughts on the Browns: Continue to Trust in Pat Shurmur, Tom Heckert

Watching the Bengals run away with this Thursday night showdown with the hapless Eagles is certainly not helping the Browns’ cause for a late playoff push (how many years has it been since that sentence has even been contemplated?), but there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the future of this franchise. As […]

Thoughts on the Browns: We Miss You, Joe. You too, Ed Hochuli.

I know I am a little late sitting down to write about yesterday’s strangely encouraging Browns loss at Cincy. This game gave me perhaps the weirdest feeling that I have ever had following a Browns loss. Earlier last week, I wrote that Weeden would have to improve, he did. Trent Richardson would pick up where […]

Thoughts on Everything: The Legend of Jeff Wolfert and Ever So Much More

Since my last post about the Indians still being sorta in it, a lot has happened. This includes the Indians taking themselves completely out of it, saying screw it, and releasing all of the old “Vets” (God knows what the actual number is now, but Jose Lopez is the latest casualty). I know everyone really […]

Thoughts on the Browns: The Pilgrimage to Browns Training Camp (Or at Least the First Trip This Year)

This morning my Dad and I took our annual trip to Berea to take in some Browns training camp. This leads me to what I have really been waiting to talk about on this blog, the Brownies baby! Before I delve into my grippingly insightful and professional analysis of today’s session, allow me to just […]