Ten(nessee) things to look for in Browns vs. Titans

Congratulations, everyone who’s reading this. Somehow, you survived the bye week and lived to see another Sunday of Cleveland Browns football. It wasn’t easy, and you may have done some things you’re not proud of, but the wait is over now. You made it. Today, you get to do things you may not be proud […]

Thoughts on the Browns: Da Raidahz

Alright, so that title line was my attempt at writing “The Raiders” like Chris Berman does without elongating it like he does (’cause let’s face it, that’d just look stupid and illiterate). Hope it worked. If it didn’t, that’s OK because we’re moving along now. I just woke up, I’m listening to Spotify in my […]

Thoughts on the Cavs: They’re Back and Better Than… Well… Last Year!

Welcome back. Since we last talked, the Browns shot up the ESPN NFL Power Rankings all the way to big number 29. It’s comfortable to say that we aren’t the worst team in the league anymore, and that feels pretty damn good. Not to mention that on top of not being the worst, we actually […]

Thoughts on the Browns: Bring on the Champs (With a Side of Cavs)

Let us begin this week with letting bygones be bygones. It has been a while since we’ve talked on here, and there is so much to cover with so little time. The Browns are still winless, and I feel like if Joe Haden were here we would be 2-2. Every week I have lamented the […]

Thoughts on the Browns: The Pilgrimage to Browns Training Camp (Or at Least the First Trip This Year)

This morning my Dad and I took our annual trip to Berea to take in some Browns training camp. This leads me to what I have really been waiting to talk about on this blog, the Brownies baby! Before I delve into my grippingly insightful and professional analysis of today’s session, allow me to just […]