Thoughts on the Browns: Da Raidahz

Easy, Bro.

Easy, Bro.

Alright, so that title line was my attempt at writing “The Raiders” like Chris Berman does without elongating it like he does (’cause let’s face it, that’d just look stupid and illiterate). Hope it worked. If it didn’t, that’s OK because we’re moving along now.

I just woke up, I’m listening to Spotify in my headphones with Sunday NFL Countdown on my TV (which is stupid cause I can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying), it’s a normal Sunday morning. What isn’t normal is that the Browns play at 4:15, which could either be prolonging the inevitability of a loss, or just proving the age-old phrase that “good things come to those who wait”. I’m going to keep this short and go with the latter of the two. Here’s why the Browns are gonna pull it out this afternoon.

– The Black Hole just isn’t the Dawg Pound. Don’t believe me? Whatever, Raiders fan.

– ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Twitter this morning that McFadden is unlikely to play for Oakland this afternoon. This is good for a couple of reasons. Run defense isn’t our specialty, and McFadden is undoubtedly a plus talent. It’s the little things.

– Another little thing is that the Raiders are giving up on average about 10 points more than the Brownies. As the Browns’ young offense continues to click, we should see numbers improving.

– Trent Richardson’s kinda good.

– Ditto for Josh Gordon.

– The weather report for Oakland today: Pouring. Phil Taylor’s ready to go, and that’s about all I needed to hear  to be confident about today.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 11.56.40 AM

Big Phil has spoken. Browns Nation is absolutely ready. Here’s how the boys are gonna get it done today on the left coast. It’s been a while, but it’s now time for another “Chalk it up, here’s my shot in the dark prediction”.

I think I have picked Phil Dawson to knock down a field goal in every game, and there’s only been 3 games where that hasn’t happened. So, per usual, Phil Dawson gets the Browns on the board with a 43-yarder through the mud and rain. Trent (another frequent part of these picks) is a major factor in this one. He trucks his way to 112 yards and a score. Brandon Weeden adds another TD pass to Ben Watson. Carson Palmer throws a TD to someone (nobody cares who, ’cause it’s not gonna matter). That’s it for the Raiders. In total, that’s a 17-7 victory for the good guys.

Carson Palmer, you’re just another USC quarterback that isn’t nearly as good as people had hoped. So ha.

I’ll be heading to Cluckers in Louisville for some delicious chicken (who would of guessed) and Browns football. The new and exciting thing this week is that Believing Since 1999 is now on Twitter! That’s right Cleveland fans, now you don’t have to wait to read the infrequent (it’ll get better, I promise) blog posts to get meaningless-but-hopefully-entertaining commentary on all things Cleveland. Follow us here at #BS1999 @BelieveInCLE. I’ll be sure to tweet my random thoughts throughout the game there. The “follow” button at the bottom of the page has been changed to that account as well. If you were referred to this article because you already follow the new Twitter, you’re the best, and please spread the word.



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