Four Down Territory: Closing the Black Hole

There’s really no time to look back on last Sunday’s debacle in Jacksonville. Another bad NFL football team is next on the docket for the Cleveland Browns, and in the interest of not repeating anything that happened in Jacksonville, it’s best to just look ahead. The Oakland Raiders are in town today, which means that […]

One More with the Steelers, and a Farewell to Heckert and Shurmur

Sadly, today will mark the last game day post of the 2012 season. The Browns head into the finale in Pittsburgh bruised, battered, and knowing that the entire front office and coaching staff is about to be blown up yet again. Still, we don’t focus on negativity here, so I am going to stay optimistic […]

Thoughts on the Browns: Da Raidahz

Alright, so that title line was my attempt at writing “The Raiders” like Chris Berman does without elongating it like he does (’cause let’s face it, that’d just look stupid and illiterate). Hope it worked. If it didn’t, that’s OK because we’re moving along now. I just woke up, I’m listening to Spotify in my […]