Thoughts on the Browns: Hey Pittsburgh, We Don’t Care Who The QB Was

T-Rich reached pay dirt again on Sunday. That may be the only substantive sentence about the game in this whole piece. We love you, Trent.

That’s right, Pittsburgh fans. Clevelanders fully understand that Charlie Batch was the starting quarterback for the Steelers on Sunday. It is also well understood that Batch threw 3 picks in the game. What is perhaps more important is that Pittsburgh ball-carriers coughed it up 5 times. One logical conclusion from all of this is that less than half of your 8 turnovers came from your third-string QB, meaning that perhaps a fourth-string running back was needed even more.

Would the Steelers have won this game with Ben Roethlisberger as their quarterback? Likely.

Should the Steelers’ stout defense have shown up and held the Browns to under 20 points? Probably.

Am I trying to say Batch isn’t a reason that the Steelers looked awful? Absolutely not.

What I am trying to say is that the outcry from some of the Steelers’ “faithful” (it’s hard to decipher sometimes, more on that in a bit) that this loss to the 2-8 Cleveland Browns is relatively meaningless is plain stupidity.

To say that it is meaningless may also shed some light on what kind of a Steeler fan we’re dealing with (not definitely, but it may). With the advent of the “my second cousin’s great uncle is a Steelers fan” excuse, some may not understand that losing to any team that’s 2-8, let alone the Browns, is meaningful. If you aren’t one of those people and still believe this game wasn’t pathetic on the part of the Steelers, your blissful ignorance is honorably astounding.

Sunday’s game also brought Pittsburgh into a tie for second place in the AFC North with the Bengals. For the record, the Bengals are nowhere near as good as the Steelers. So yes, Pittsburgh. Losing to the Browns is at least a medium deal.

What this all boils down to is that regardless of the circumstances, the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh fans can use all of the sound logic, truth, and level-headedness they want. A win over the Black and Yellow (it’s not gold, ask Wiz Khalifa) is a win all the same, and how sweet it was. Maybe it’s Browns fans who are blissfully ignorant after Sunday, but we simply don’t care.

I hope that this wasn’t too childish, but I tried to keep it short just in case. We have to take our chances to when we get them. Hope you all enjoyed your Victory Monday, I sure did.

The road to 8-8 continues Sunday. Go Browns.


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