Rationalizing the selection of Anthony Bennett

Nobody saw Anthony Bennett as the first pick in the entire freaking NBA Draft coming, except for two of my closest friends. One told me that the Cavs should draft Bennett weeks ago, which either makes him a sage or clinically insane. The other said with a debatable amount of confidence, “Just watch, they’ll draft someone […]

Forget LeBron, the NBA Draft is days away

To get it out of the way, no Cleveland fan is happy to see LeBron James win an NBA title for the second straight year. It hurts because everyone wanted to see him do it in a Cavalier jersey. Anyone with eyes and the ability to set aside denial and/or bias knew he’d figure it […]

You know things are going well when…

The Cleveland Indians won a game last night by the score of 1-0 over the Oakland Athletics. A masterful effort from Zach McAllister was obviously the highlight of the evening, and Yan Gomes was the difference in more ways than one. He had the only RBI of the game, but also gunned Yoenis Cespedes at […]