LeBron, Curry make Cavs-Warriors an NBA Finals worth waiting for

(Photos: Thomas Ondrey/Plain Dealer, Scott Strazzante/The Chronicle) At the beginning of this NBA season, it shouldn’t have been hard to imagine this year’s NBA Finals matchup on paper. The Cavaliers boasted a “Big Three” of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, while the Splash Brothers — Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — returned to a […]

If Cleveland wants LeBron James back…

One thing that can never possibly be covered enough in the city of Cleveland is LeBron James. Last night, he played his 11th career game against the Cavaliers since leaving the shores of Lake Erie in 2010. It was easily his most comfortable return to Quicken Loans Arena since his departure, partially because of the […]

Forget LeBron, the NBA Draft is days away

To get it out of the way, no Cleveland fan is happy to see LeBron James win an NBA title for the second straight year. It hurts because everyone wanted to see him do it in a Cavalier jersey. Anyone with eyes and the ability to set aside denial and/or bias knew he’d figure it […]

Cavs Hire Only Coach to take them to NBA Finals

Yes, he had LeBron James. Yes, he had Kobe Bryant. But he wins games. Lots of them. There’s a reason he was entrusted to coach both the Mamba and (this is gonna hurt, but it’s for a purpose… Dammit, I can’t. I’m gonna censor it) K**g James. If you follow Dan Gilbert on Twitter, you’ll […]

BS1999 Daily: It’s a Basketball Kind of Day

Today’s focus is on basketball, which obviously means plenty about the Cavaliers. Before we get there, if you didn’t catch SportsCenter, you need to hear this story about Owen Groesser, a middle-school baller with Down syndrome who made it rain last night on the floor and on Twitter through a campaign to get him on […]