Thoughts on Chud’s Introductory Presser

Here’s our new coach, spiffy orange tie and all: Fun fact that isn’t fun at all: Joe Banner was the only one not wearing an orange tie. Jimmy Haslam was wearing an orange tie. WHY WAS BANNER NOT WEARING AN ORANGE TIE? I’ve taken some time to digest this morning’s press conference, and even after […]

Thoughts on Everyone: Today is Swisher Sweet

Didn’t take long for somebody to use that phrase (I may not even be the first person today to say it), but it seemed right for the headline. There’s a couple of quick hits I wanted to share this afternoon before we settle in for some Browns football at Mile High. As everyone hopefully knows, […]

Thoughts on the Cavs: They’re Back and Better Than… Well… Last Year!

Welcome back. Since we last talked, the Browns shot up the ESPN NFL Power Rankings all the way to big number 29. It’s comfortable to say that we aren’t the worst team in the league anymore, and that feels pretty damn good. Not to mention that on top of not being the worst, we actually […]

Thoughts on the Browns: Bring on the Champs (With a Side of Cavs)

Let us begin this week with letting bygones be bygones. It has been a while since we’ve talked on here, and there is so much to cover with so little time. The Browns are still winless, and I feel like if Joe Haden were here we would be 2-2. Every week I have lamented the […]

Thoughts on the Browns: We Miss You, Joe. You too, Ed Hochuli.

I know I am a little late sitting down to write about yesterday’s strangely encouraging Browns loss at Cincy. This game gave me perhaps the weirdest feeling that I have ever had following a Browns loss. Earlier last week, I wrote that Weeden would have to improve, he did. Trent Richardson would pick up where […]

Thoughts on the Browns: A Familiar End to an Unfamiliar Circumstance

Ok, Cleveland. How many of us saw that coming? I know you’re thinking that by saying “that” I mean the part where the Browns let Michael Vick and company (who were largely unimpressive in my opinion) march to a late touchdown for the win. We’re Cleveland fans, all we do is invent new and innovative […]