Last night at Progressive Field…

kip walk off

The first order of business on this lovely Saturday afternoon is that last night’s Tribe game was a night of firsts for this blog. Most importantly, the final score was 6-3. If you read yesterday, you’ll know that this marks the first time that this blog has ever gotten a score prediction right on the money.

While it didn’t go exactly as planned, the score being right is enough. Nick Swisher didn’t mash one to the mezzanine (Kendrys Morales did), and the mezzanine still isn’t named Swishville. There wasn’t anyone visibly struggling to keep down their hot dogs, which may have been because you had to wait in a 20-30 minute line to get hot dogs all night. Chris Perez didn’t deliver a pure rage save, but did deliver a perfect ninth inning.

What obviously made up for the whole thing was Jason Kipnis’ smash to walk it off and give yours truly the satisfaction of picking a correct final score for the first time ever. Beatles fireworks didn’t disappoint, and I got to catch up with a couple of really good friends from the Medina high school days in one of those 20-30 minute hot dog lines.

Another entertaining side note was the high school couple sitting just one row in front. This is the kind of stuff you just can’t get in a press box. By my count, the dude in front spent at least a solid 20 dollars in concession prices on the girlfriend (not including the tickets, which were around 22 bucks), who seemed to want a kiss way too much for his liking. Don’t get me wrong here, he wasn’t rude and the girl wasn’t upset (both good things), but the man was trying to watch a baseball game. Turns out they were really nice kids who ended up chatting with us for a bit once the game got into hour number four.

Ubaldo Jimenez had another good outing, even though it took him a lot of pitches to get there and he ended up giving way to Rich Hill, who didn’t have a good outing. Still, a win’s a win and another good one from Jimenez is good news for the Indians.

Finally, last night again showed how huge the speed of Michael Bourn and Drew Stubbs can be in contributing to wins. Stubbs was fooled while trying to steal on left-hander Lucas Luetge in the 10th, but still was able to take second base and get the winning run into scoring position. Bourn’s infield single to extend the inning was crucial, and something that simply wouldn’t have happened with last year’s lineup. Kipnis’ homer came next, and the victory happened because of the two newcomers that used their speed to create a two-out rally.

Awesome stuff from the Tribe, awesome atmosphere from the fans, and an awesome amount of cargo shorts and high school romance all contributed to a memorable night at the ballyard. This team just keeps getting more and more exciting to watch.

Here’s to hoping they keep it rolling this afternoon in the first of three straight matinees with the Mariners.

Roll Tribe.






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