BS1999 to Appear at Tribe Game Tonight


The time has finally come. Believing Since 1999 (one person, don’t think that this operation is too legit yet) will be in attendance tonight as the Tribe resumes action at Progressive Field against Brandon Maurer (2-5, 5.97) and the Seattle Mariners.

You’re probably thinking that a highly influential blog such as this would certainly have a credentialed seat in the press box for such an occasion. While I like where your head’s at and certainly hope to be on that level one day, my credentials for tonight are more to the tune of mezzanine level seats. That’s actually exactly where they are.

The mezzanine (formerly known as Pronkville) is probably the single-most underrated seating option at The Prog, offering a good view of the entire field at an altitude that won’t make your nose bleed. The price/altitude ratio doesn’t beat the bleachers (what does?), but the mezzanine does offer individual chair-back seats and a view of the giant scoreboard in left that the bleachers just can’t deliver. The concession options are also nice considering that the level is on its own little concourse. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like every seat on the lower level for a Friday night game apparently does (check TicketMaster).

Before this comes off as a harsh criticism of the Indians for making basically every lower level seat more than a tad pricy for tonight’s tilt, let’s be fair and recognize that tonight is DOLLAR HOT DOG AND BEATLES FIREWORKS NIGHT. If caps lock isn’t your thing, it’s dollar dog and Beatles fireworks night. If you haven’t been, the Indians don’t skimp on fireworks presentations, and everyone loves dollar dogs. And the Beatles. Or else.

Everyone also loves when the Tribe are tied in the win column for first place in the American League’s Central Division, which they conveniently are heading into this evening. Ubaldo Jimenez takes the bump tonight, which has been a good thing lately. He’s 2-0 in two starts in May, and has struck out 16 while walking four in 11.2 innings this month. His ERA is 2.31 and the WHIP is a hair under one over that period. He’s not Cy Young reincarnated, but he’s been solid.

The bullpen also hasn’t sucked. Mafia bein’ Mafia. Nothing to see here.

At the plate, the Indians have had stuff going on like being ranked seventh or better in Major League Baseball in four major offensive categories (5th in runs, 7th in BA, 4th in OBP, 1st in SLG). They’ve been led by the terrifyingly awesome Mark Reynolds, chawbangin’ Nick Swisher, Michael “Dr. Smooth” Brantley, and Carlos Santana. Santana needs a really good nickname, and if I’m completely missing one here, please send me a nasty e-mail.

Also, if your heart doesn’t just warm up every time you see Swisher manage one of those crazy smiles while keeping all of that tobacco neatly in his bottom lip, here’s five dollars. Buy yourself a soul.

This blog has never gotten a single prediction exactly right, so that obviously means that God just wants it to keep trying. Tribe get the victory on the back of another solid (not stellar, but likely a quality) start from Jimenez. 6-3 is the final thanks to a Swish blast to the mezzanine and some timely two-out hitting. Chris Perez gets the save because if there is no real pure rage, there will be pure rage. Savvy?

The mezzanine level will be aptly named Swishville following tonight’s proceedings.

It’s great to be back in the city where all three major sporting venues are now plastered with corporate naming rights. Thanks a lot, Jimmy Haslam. Go Browns, and good luck with the rest of that law suit.

Hoping for an awesome crowd and at least one guy visibly struggling to not vomit in public because he ate too many dollar dogs. Special thanks in advance to Sugardale should that glory occur before my eyes.

See you at The Jake.


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