Rob Chudzinski is the Browns’ New Head Coach!

It’s 10:24 PM, and I’m now frantically writing to get all of my thoughts and reactions down about the new hire. First, here’s what Joe and Jimmy are probably doing right now:


You can tell how excited Schefter is about the hire. He’s already taken so many victory shots he can’t spell anymore:

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 10.35.37 PM

Anyway, my immediate thoughts on Chud becoming the head man in Cleveland are as follows:

– My brain doesn’t tell me that he was the absolute best option for the Browns. I was a bigger fan of Mike Zimmer, but how many times does everyone agree on who is really the best?

– I give Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner a lot of credit for the extensiveness of their search. They were denied by their top option in Chip Kelly, but I think that will end up serving the Browns a lot better. They didn’t panic and make a quick hire after that, and ended up looking at a lot of quality options. Because it’s a new regime, I’ll take their decision as a good one for the organization and see how they move forward from here. There are still plenty of big decisions left, with GM presumably being the next one.

– Speaking of GM, I’ve heard Chiefs director of pro personnel Ray Farmer as a name for that position. Remember him from Chiefs Hard Knocks? Hint: He was the bad guy who released everyone.

– Back to Chudzinski, he’s a bright offensive mind (get ready to hear that phrase a million times), and will undoubtedly bring new energy as this is his first shot at being a head coach.

– He’s a Toledo native, and a life-long Browns fan.

– I’ll be more interested to see who his coordinators end up being. There’s already been talk on Twitter about Norv Turner being the offensive man. With Chudzinski presumably being the lead offensive mind as head coach, I’ll be more intrigued by who will run the defense.

– Tony Grossi is “shocked” by the hire. So are his sources.

– Well played, Jackson.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 10.53.27 PM


– As Twitter has aptly pointed out about a hundred times already, we will soon find out if Cleveland is big enough for two Chuds. Dave Chudowsky of Channel 3 got here first and has been handicapped as the favorite.

– Greg Brinda is my hero for this tweet.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 10.59.05 PM

The #FireLombardi hash-tag is ready to roll in the event of his hiring. Still standing by to torch and pitchfork up. Still praying nightly that it doesn’t become necessary.

– If you want to learn more about the new head coach, check out Chudzinski’s Wikipedia page. There’s some cool information on there, and don’t read too much into the fact that he’s already had 2 stints in Cleveland.

– The presser tomorrow will be at 11 A.M. Stay tuned to for ways to hear it.

In total, I’m relieved that this search is over, and I can say with a straight face that I can get behind this guy as the new head coach. I’m really intrigued by the offensive possibilities that he (and maybe Norv Turner?) can bring to Cleveland.

The bottom line is that there are still improvements that need to be made to this roster in order to compete in the division and elsewhere, and the staff that is still being built around Chudzinski will be paramount in that department. The Browns are on an upward trend, and it’s the front office’s job to continue making good decisions in the players they bring in. That will be the next step in this offseason once a GM is decided upon. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait that long for that.

With that, I’m going to return to Twitter, blare this, and be excited about a new head coach in Cleveland.

I’ll be writing more tomorrow about this and other things.

As always, GO BROWNS.




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