Believing Since 1999 Daily: Notes from a Tuesday Night

In an effort to cover as much as I can about the happenings in Cleveland sports, today is a new beginning here on Believing Since 1999. I’m going to aim to give some opinions on the headlines everyday, and also sprinkle in random thoughts that may or may not directly relate to the big three. When major things happen, I’ll try to put together bigger stories with more insight on that particular topic. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I think I’m going to have writing. Without further ado, here’s the first edition of Believing Since 1999 Daily.

– It was a balmy 50+ degrees today in Louisville, so that was nice.

– Currently on the BS1999 official soundtrack is “Summer, Highland Falls” by Billy Joel. Blame my parents for subjecting me to his music from an early age. The guy’s one of my favorite artists of all time.

– How about Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend on TV last night? How about Musberger’s reaction? How about the fact that she gained over 100,000 followers on Twitter last night? Yeah, I just added that in a Cleveland blog. In case you missed it…

mccarron gf

Aaron Gleeman of NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk wrote a blurb today about the likelihood of the Washington Nationals trading OF/1B Michael Morse. The Nats re-signed Adam LaRoche today. While the power-hitting righty would likely cost the Indians a little more than they’re willing to give, he would be one way to fix the DH situation in Cleveland.

– The Tribe’s signing of former Tampa Bay Ray/L.A. Angel Scott Kazmir to a minor-league deal was made official today, along with two others. If you remember back to 2007, Kazmir was once a promising lefty in the Rays rotation. He may be an interesting story to follow as the Tribe heads to Goodyear in February. He’s only 28 years old.

– There are rumors of the Tribe bringing back DH Travis Hafner at a lower price… I’ll let you form your own opinions there.

– If you scroll down a ways in Nick Cafardo’s Boston Globe piece, there’s a list of starting pitchers he believes to be available on the trade market. While the price for a lot of these players may be high, it’s an interesting read. It’s also nice to dream.

– One more note about the Boston Globe article linked above, an interesting piece of baseball news (or lack there0f) is coming tomorrow from the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame. ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, Buster Olney, and Pedro Gomez all weighed in on this evening’s SportsCenter and agreed that there will likely be no new inductees announced tomorrow. Hate the Steroid Era.

– Meanwhile, the Browns seriously used time out of their day to interview a coach from the Canadian Football League. Alouettes ’til I die.

– I’ve read reports that the Browns plan on interviewing Bruce Arians, and I really hope that they consider him a top option. See my post from a couple of days ago.

– There are other reports on ESPN that the Browns may not be done trying to pursue Alabama’s Nick Saban. They should be done with it. Saban isn’t and shouldn’t be going anywhere. He may have the best job in all of football. If you think I’m crazy, I invite you to take a longer look at the perks of winning 3 of the previous 4 national championships.

– Jon Gruden’s name has also been thrown around. Talk about a non-boring hire. Could be tough to lure him away from a job he’s said that he loves multiple times. Lovie Smith is still unemployed as well. I’d be interested in both. This would be glorious..


– Cavs forward Omri Casspi says he hasn’t asked to be traded, but I don’t think many people would be opposed to the idea.

– Not having Luke Walton is probably what led to the Cavs’ drubbing in Chicago last night. Totally screwed up bench karma. See below.

luke walton bench

– Everyone wants Anderson Varejao to return to the struggling Cavaliers as soon as possible. In Jason Lloyd’s injury update today from the ABJ, it appears that Byron Scott isn’t sure quite when that will be. CJ Miles and Boobie Gibson are also mentioned in there.

– My general mood about the Cavs right now is that while progress hasn’t been as accelerated as some may have expected (myself included), I still believe in the general direction that GM Chris Grant and Byron Scott are heading in. Injuries have once again been catastrophic to growth this season.

I hope you enjoyed the first-ever Believing Since 1999 Daily. I’m going to include notes from each team everyday, so also notice that these posts will be in a separate category.

Hopefully tomorrow’s Cavs game at The Q vs. Atlanta will give us something positive to talk about in the near future.

Cleveland rocks, even when nobody is in action.

Have a good night everybody (Joe Tait voice). Damn do I miss that man.


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