BS1999’s Week in Review

The Cavs are 1-2, the Browns beat the Ravens, and the Indians re-signed Jason Giambi.

Two of those things are wonderful, one of those things doesn’t really matter too much yet. Kyrie Irving doesn’t seem quite like himself yet, and Andrew Bynum is obviously far from 100%. Both of those are fine for now, because it’s been three games. THE BROWNS BEAT THE RAVENS. Jason Giambi is always a good thing because this and this.

Let’s talk about the Cavaliers for a moment. Opening night was a great first moment for a team that appears poised to finally make a long-awaited return to playoff basketball this spring. Irving is a bonafide All-Star, and if Bynum recovers to a point where he can give solid minutes every night there’s no reason these Cavs can’t compete for a playoff spot. What will keep them from the playoffs is playing like they have for the past two games offensively. It’s been offensive.

What was also was offensive was a guy in an Indianapolis bar that asked me out of the blue if LeBron was starting for the Cavs. I didn’t know Indy fans were so clever (stupid, they’re stupid), and totally missed an opportunity to A) Ask him how he felt about LeBron beating his Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals last season or B) Ask him how he felt about his Notre Dame Fighting Irish sucking at football like they tend to do every now and usually. I did neither, and instead told him to have a wonderful evening.

I’m 0-3 in the city of Indianapolis when it comes to Cleveland teams, and that guy was a moron. Let’s move on for now.

The Tribe made a few minor moves this week after re-signing Jason Giambi, and we also found out that Chris Perez won’t be an Indian next year.  Ubaldo Jimenez is now a free agent, which was a foregone conclusion after the way his second half went this past season. It’d be a nice story to see him back with the team next season, but it’s highly unlikely that Chris Antonetti would want to commit too many years and dollars to Jimenez. He’d be smart not to.

It really is a shame that Perez’s career ended the way it did in Cleveland, but it’s hard to say that the club didn’t exhaust every possible option to help him get back on track. This blog defended him for quite some time until it became literally impossible. Hopefully for his sake, he will get his life and his game back together somewhere outside of the AL Central.

If you want to know what the Indians might do to fill a bevy of spots on their pitching staff this offseason, Jordan Bastian of may be able to assist you.

Now, the most fun part of the week: THE CLEVELAND BROWNS BEAT THE BALTIMORE RAVENS. It was the first time they’ve done it since 2007. For those who are as bad at math as I am, it’s been six years. There’s no way to overstate how big the win was for everyone involved.

Jason Campbell is the new Brian Hoyer, even though he’ll never be Brian Hoyer. He’s proven to be yet another example of how good the Browns can be when nearly anyone other than Brandon Weeden is the quarterback. Keep in mind that the offense is also lacking a great running game right now. The Browns’ stable of backs haven’t been wholly ineffective, but they haven’t needed to carry a huge load. An even bigger testament to the quarterback play of Hoyer and Campbell this season. Still, Fozzy Whittaker can be a Brown as long as he wants to be as far as I’m concerned. Final note on the running game, don’t ask Ray Rice how his afternoon went yesterday.

Davone Bess, just never take me on that roller coaster ever again. Please. I hated that roller coaster.

That brings us to the final point for today. Ray Horton’s defense is the reason that this team is where it is as a whole. Sitting at 4-5 with two division wins is definitely not what a lot of people expected. Looking at the schedule going forward, the Browns are far from out of this thing, and that’s pretty cool because it’s now November and the NFL Draft isn’t the most exciting Browns topic yet.

Another huge part of yesterday is that the win came right before the bye week. With a critical game in Cincinnati coming on the other side of it, the bye week is coming at the perfect time. It’s also nice to have the bye in the middle of the season as opposed to the first five weeks. As always, a week to recover and nurse minor injuries is a nice plus. See, look how fun and beneficial bye weeks can be.

Here’s your Cavs preview for tonight courtesy of Enjoy Victory Monday number four. While you’re doing whatever it is you do to celebrate, remember that the folks in Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati aren’t because they’re all losers. We knew that anyway.


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