BS1999 Daily: Game Week?!

If the prospects of this showdown don’t get you going on a Thursday afternoon… (via ESPN)


Yes, it’s the first Cleveland Browns game week of 2013. Yes, it’s already Thursday. Yes, that means that the Browns will be on the field at First Energy Stadium in less than four days.

In case you haven’t been following along on social media this week, the Browns are giving away copious amounts of awesome free things at If you want a pair of tickets to see the Browns and the Ravens in November, we can help you if you follow a few simple (and free) steps on the blog’s last post about our first ever Browns ticket giveaway. The winner will be chosen on Saturday sometime, and you have until tomorrow at midnight to tweet. Seriously, it’s free tickets to the Ravens game. Tweet away.

Now that all of this free giveaway stuff is out of the way, the Browns have a game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. The first injury report came out yesterday, and looks pretty good. The depth chart is here, and the most exciting part of it is probably fullback Chris Ogbonnaya. We all knew Cleveland was a trail-blazing kind of city. Putting a running back as your listed fullback is just a notice to the rest of the country that we can’t stop, and we won’t stop.

Since Brandon Weeden became the latest BS1999 poster child with this nugget of internet gold this summer, he’s also been busy winning fake quarterback battles created by ESPN. We all followed this closely, and he’s officially the starter over Jason Campbell in a victory that we all completely saw coming since the second Campbell was signed. The second year quarterback should excite this season with an offense being installed that will allow him to fire the ball all over the place.

Trent Richardson still has muscles that 99 percent of the world’s population doesn’t have, and he is playing at a slighter weight this season, which widens his lead as the most intriguing Browns player heading into the regular season. In case anyone forgot what that excitement will look like, here’s a reminder.

Defensively, there are undeniably some question marks with the switch back to a base 3-4 defense under coordinator Ray Horton. Paul Kruger and Quentin Groves will be keys to that transition. Jabaal Sheard is the starter opposite Kruger as the other outside linebacker, and he talked about it recently with Browns staff writer Matt Florjancic.

Joe Haden and T.J. Ward will need to anchor a secondary that will be asking Buster Skrine to play on the outside. Skrine playing against bigger receivers is somewhat alarming, but his experience and a strong preseason have earned him the opportunity. Chris Owens seemed like the go-to option opposite Haden, but it’s good to see the coaching staff rewarding good play on the field. In an ideal world, Skrine would work against smaller receivers in the nickel. As we all know, this isn’t an ideal world.

Look for more Paint the Town Browns updates on BS1999’s social media outlets, and enter to win those tickets. We’ll talk more about the Browns and some about the Indians as the weekend approaches. Since most of the city has forgotten about the Tribe, they’re still in the thick of the Wild Card race. Let’s try to not have less than 10,000 fans at Progressive Field ever again. It’s supremely embarrassing.


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