Welcome to Believing Since 1999

Welcome one and all to the newest and perhaps least-credible Cleveland sports opinion blog on the web.  I hope you enjoy reading some of my opinions on the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers. I do honestly believe that all 3 of our organizations are heading in a positive direction (No, seriously I do) and while I’m sure my tone will be sarcastic at times and critical at others, remember that I’m doing it all lovingly. They may frustrate us at times, but they’re OUR teams all the same,  so lets get this party started.


One thought on “Welcome to Believing Since 1999

  1. Of the 3 I’d say the Indians will be the first to win a championship. With the Browns being in the AFC North with the Steelers, Ravens, and up and coming Bengals, and with the way the NBA is headed with all of the players getting together and creating power houses like Miami, yes I know it’s still hard to take, LA, and Boston, I can see the Indians winning the AL central and having a chance at a title in a few years or so.

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